Midleton Very Rare 19 Yr $45

Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach is a range of Single Pot Still Irish whiskeys from the Midleton Distillery meaning, quite simply, Irish Oak. Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Knockrath Forest is the latest chapter of the Midleton Dair Ghaelach story. It takes us to the beautiful and ancient Vale of Clara, where the Knockrath estate lies hidden amidst the dramatic landscape of mountains and lakes.

This Single Pot Still Irish whiskey was matured initially in American Oak Bourbon barrels and finished in virgin native Irish Oak Hogshead casks grown on the Knockrath Estate.

The native Irish oak has interacted with the maturing whiskey to impart a complex medley of fruits and delicate spices. This special whiskey is the true and unique flavour of Ireland. Its provenance as individual as its fragrance, its journey from grain to glass as distinguished as its finish, this is a whiskey like no other.

In fact the Brabazon family have watched over the forests here since the sixteenth century, and continue to manage the trees from one season to to the next.

Sustainably managing oak woods in this way over the centuries has meant that Knockrath estate became one of the first sites where the iconic Great Spotted Woodpecker set up residence on its recent return to Ireland, following years in exile.


Pot still spices are accentuated by the Irish oak contribution, adding waves of toasted wood with hints of vanilla and roasted coffee, layered over fresh fruit which evolves from orchard fruits to tropical notes.


Classic pot still spices give a luscious texture to the fore, while the influence of the Irish oak adds a medley of sweet notes including chocolate and honeycomb.


Remarkably long finish with fruit and spices fading to allow the Irish Oak have the final say.

Red Spot $30

Red Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has matured for over 15 years in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Spanish sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks, all contributing in rich and complex flavours, making it the top spot in the range.
Pot Still spices with rich cooked fruit, baked apple, mango and black cherry. Hazelnut and a touch of new leather fuse with toasted American Oak
A mix of ripe fruit sweetness from the Marsala seasoned wine casks. While the fruit remains, sweet red pepper and cracked black pepper add some spiciness, finished by notes of American Oak and barley.

Yellow Spot  $20

A non age statement Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey comprising of pot still whiskeys aged between 7 & 10 years. The whiskey has matured in a combination of new bourbon and refill bourbon casks as well as sherry casks.
Fresh aromatic oils and spices with orchard fruits and barley on a background of toasted wood.
Full spicy body. A hint of cloves along with the fruity sweetness of green apples, rounded off with toasted oak. Followed by lingering flavours of spices and barley.

Green Spot  $15

While Green Spot is often described as tasting like green apples, Yellow Spot is more in character with juicy red apples. Sophisticated and complex in character, the inclusion of full term matured whiskey from ex Malaga casks contributes exotic characteristics to the whiskey.
Mown hay & cracked black pepper. Red bell peppers, nutmeg, clove oil & green tea. Sweet honey & peaches from the Malaga casks.
Honey sweetness with pot still spices. Flavours of fresh coffee, creamy milk chocolate & Crème Brûlée. Notes of red apples & toasted oak. Its finish is sophisticated & complex with a sweetness throughout, followed by a mix of red grape & dry barley upon exit.

Balvenie Peat Week 14 YR $20

The Balvenie is known for its honeycomb-led flavor profile.  One week a year, The Balvenie distills a heavily peated malt.  That week, known as Peat Week, leads us to this wonderful whisky.  Distilled back in 2002, this 14-year-old expression from the famed distillery utilizes only peated barley – no non-peated malt here.  That whisky matured in American oak casks.

In addition to being bottled at a modest 48.3% abv, Peat Week is also non-chill filtered.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

The nose is exactly what you’d expect.  Notes of honeyed malt, wood smoke, lemon peel, and sweet oak abound.  More of the same on the palate.  A quick explosion of rich, sweet honeycomb and vanilla followed by a wave of tempered smoke.  Some sautéed mushroom on the mid palate is accompanied by toffee and wood spice.  The finish is clean and lovely, with hints of burnt orange peel, toffee, and peat smoke.

I love this “heavy” side of The Balvenie.  I use the quotations for a reason.  The Balvenie standard profile is generally that a lighter style whisky, though it still has some richness.  The peat here is not heavy handed.  Rather, it nicely balances with that honeycomb nature generally found in The Balvenie.  Peat Week’s a great way to experience The Balvenie.  At $99 a bottle, this is an easy recommendation. 

 Drumshanbo Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey $12

Drumshanbo is increasingly well-known for its delightful Gunpowder Irish Gin, and now the brand is moving into a spirit more associated with Ireland: Single pot still whiskey. This spirit is very traditionally made with unmalted and malted barley and Irish oats in the mash, triple copper pot distilled, and aged in a combination of Kentucky bourbon and oloroso sherry casks for a total of five years.

Let’s give it a whirl.

The nose is surprisingly quiet, offering a pleasantly grainy character with overtones of hemp rope and turned earth, and just a hint of nutty, orange-scented sherry buried deep in the recesses of its aromatics. It’s sweet but not overly so, with notes of butterscotch and almond on offer. On the palate, the whiskey comes across as slightly more complex, with the sherry character popping more effusively, but never with much aggression. A bit gritty at times, the whiskey shows a bit of white pepper and a vaguely floral element, all layered atop fairly expected notes of toasted bread and breakfast cereal. More orange peel and spice notes emerge in the mix as it opens up. On the finish, the whiskey again feels a bit gritty, rustic, and youthful, with notes of barrel char, fresh gravel, and some grassy elements all in a swirl.

Drumshanbo’s single pot still whiskey is never short of pleasant and approachable, but it never really moves the needle on Irish whiskey expectations and comes across as somewhat anonymous in the end. Steady as she goes.


Woodford Reserve Rye $10

Woodford Reserve Rye uses a preprohibition style ratio of 53% rye in its mash bill to pay homage to history’s original rye whiskeys, making spice and tobacco the dominant note among a sea of fruit, floral, and sweet aromatics, which yields a nice sweetness and overall balance. Our rye whiskey can deliver complex flavors – neat, on ice, or in a cocktail. A balanced rye makes a more balanced cocktail.

Spicy with distinct notes of rye, black pepper, cedar and cassia bark sweetened with a dusting of marzipan. Hints of pear, apple and almond dance in its depths.

Clove, rye, mint, molasses, sorghum and honey mingle together with hints of apple and malt.

Long and sweetly spiced.

“When we drink, we get drunk.

When we get drunk, we fall asleep.

When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.

When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.

So, let’s all get drunk, and go to heaven”

Writers Tears Copper Pot $9


19th and early 20th century Ireland was a golden era both for Irish whiskey and, perhaps coincidentally, for great Irish novelists, poets and playwrights. Ireland was then the leading whiskey producing nation in the world and the birthplace of literary giants of the era including writers such as George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, Lady Gregory, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Bram Stoker, to name but a few.

Many of these great writers, on occasion would take refuge in their local public house, where they could draw inspiration from their daily observations of life while enjoying the comfort of their favorite dram of whiskey.


At this time, one whiskey blend was held high above all others. Known as the ‘champagne of Irish whiskey’ it was a master blend of pot still and malt whiskeys, both distilled in copper  pots. It was enjoyed by many of the great Irish writers of the day… of course less for its  inspirational qualities than its full bodied, flavorsome taste and creamy texture! It was said that they enjoyed it so much, that when they cried their tears were of whiskey.

Walsh Whiskey’s Writers’ Tears Copper Pot is a critically acclaimed, award-winning recreation of that fabled 19th century style of whiskey. A truly unique expression that is embedded in history.

Dead Rabbit  $10

This blended Irish whiskey is a collaboration between Master Distiller Darryl McNally of The Dublin Liberties Distillery (set to open summer 2018) and co-founders of The Dead Rabbit, Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry. The sourced whiskey was first aged in seasoned bourbon barrels for five years and then finished in small virgin American oak barrels. Released for the NYC bar’s fifth anniversary on February 12, 2018 in New York and New Jersey with an expansion to select markets in April of that year.



This blended Irish whiskey is a collaboration between Master Distiller Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish is our triple blend Irish whiskey finished in the finest first fill XO rum casks.

XO rum casks deliver sweet tropical flavours. Bringing delicious caramel and banana notes with hints of dates and raisins.


Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish pays tribute to the role of Irish Immigrants in the development of rum in the Caribbean in the 17th Century. Irish heart and Caribbean soul.


We carefully select barrels previously used to age Demerara Rum to impart their distinctive tropical fruit flavours.

The Quiet Man $10

The Quiet Man, a new brand partnered with Luxco for distribution, is the first Irish whiskey bottled (and distilled) in Derry, Ireland in more than 100 years. The brand sources Irish whiskey with a “high” (undisclosed) malt percentage, and marries the blend in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels. “

As always, the source of sourced whiskey is hard (or impossible) to pin down. The malt component is very likely to be from Cooley, as the brand’s creator has said it is not made in Northern Ireland (Bushmills). It’s possible that the grain component is also Cooley (Greenore), but that’s conjecture. The first-fill ex-bourbon barrels come from partner Luxco.

The Quiet Man is triple-distilled, aged for at least (probably exactly) 4 years, and bottled at the bare minimum 40% ABV. 


Definitely a blend. Grain up front, with an interesting zesty lemon-lime high note (lime is not a note I commonly find in any whiskey). Moderate caramel aromas form a base for a round, if not deep, profile.


 Thin body. Some young grain notes ( vodka) offset by a mild oak influence (caramel, pecan) and a very tame tongue burn. Certainly easy to drink


Jameson Cold Brew $8

Jameson Cold Brew combines the smooth taste of triple distilled Jameson and the richness of natural cold brew coffee flavor into one bottle. This is a perfectly balanced combination of our smooth Irish Whiskey with hints of toasted oak, dark chocolate and a rich coffee aroma.

Made with Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. With no added sugar.

Best served chilled, over ice or in a cocktail and among friends.


Intense rich coffee bean aromatics combined with vanilla nuttiness of Jameson.


Distinctive, bold, and natural cold brew coffee flavor followed by notes of toasted oak from the pot still whiskey.


Full bodied, smooth and warming on mouthfeel.